Expertise and experience are both needed in using lubricants and for fully leveraging the opportunities they afford. This is exactly how our highly qualified team of engineers, which keeps a constant eye on trends, can support your industrial company specialists. Our associates assist you with professional technical services aligned to specific applications:

Lubrication Technology Consulting

With experience gained over many years, our team of experts assists in resolving any issue concerning lubrication be it the selection of the right lubricant, a technical problem or general issues concerning lubricants and lubricant management.

Oil analysis and machinery diagnostics

Through regular oil analysis of your lubricants, the status of your machinery and equipment are monitored so that damage costly to repair can be averted.

On-site lubricant maintenance

We are able to test your lubricant fills, to identify any major problems and then correct them without shutting down your production! Using lubricant analysis, even the initial state of your lube fills can be restored.

Lubrication assessment

Much more efficient and economic lubricant consumption can be achieved by reviewing your lubrication activities in general.

Lubrication Technology Audit

The goal of our lubrication technology audit is to reduce the number of lubricants you use to a minimum in such a way that each machine is filled with the perfect lubricant from an engineering point of view and to maintain costs at minimum levels achievable.

Fluid Management

Full-scale fluid management addresses each and every liquid production auxiliary material including all your
activities concerning lubricants. We recommend it primarily for companies practicing metal machining.

Training courses

The world of lubricants is complex. Successful lubricant management requires the significant level of professional knowledge that we offer and share with you.

Private Labeling Opportunities

Why not let us handle your product needs?
We have various programs that will make it easy for you to maintain the quality of your lubricants at a competitive price.